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First Impressions About YouTube TV


I built my first DVR using SageTV and Beyond TV back in 2003 (or so, it was a long time ago). Cable TV DVRs were non existent back then, and were pretty bad until recently. Not to mention the cost.

I dumped cable many, many years ago. I'm cheap. I have used Hulu and Netflix, and the occasional somewhat dubious site for streaming.

I tried Hulu TV for a few days. It was a huge disappointment. Only 2 local network channels (in Orlando) and absolutely no streaming on PC. The Hulu TV app was also somewhat weird and not quite what I expected. I cancelled the free demo quite quickly.

A few days ago, YouTube TV announced support for the Orlando area. I signed up for the 1 month free trial.

After a few days of use, I'm sold. The UI is totally usable, easy to use and almost intuitive. It streams on my PC, phone, tablet without any problems. It offers all local network channels live and of course many other cable channels. DVR included! And with a total of 6 family members sharing the account, there is even room for some of my kids...

At first glance, the cost of Internet through a cable provider, plus YouTube TV may not be a huge saving, but considering you get DVR features, can use it anywhere you go, on PCs, phones, tablets, and even with a somewhat lower speed (cheaper) 25Mbps DSL provider, it can be a way to save tons of $$$ and still have all the live TV channels, with DVR, everywhere you go. Not to mention the Chromecast offer after your first paid month. You receive a free Chromcast to cast to your TV. I can't wait for the price wars once other services start to compete.

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