Comodo Trust Logo Documentation



The ComodoTrustLogo Package is a YetaWF package that supports configuring and displaying a Comodo UserTrust Logo. Such a logo is provided by Comodo once you purchase an SLL certificate from Comodo (see for details). The TrustLogo offers unique 'point to verify' technology. Your business credentials and certificate warranty level are streamed direct from Comodo's authentication database whenever a visitor hovers their mouse over the logo image.

Comodo UserTrust Logo

A trust seal is a visual stamp displayed on e-Commerce websites to communicate the security and trustworthiness of the website to their visitors. A Comodo SSL trust seal indicates that the website owner has made customer security a top priority by securely encrypting all their transactions. This helps build confidence in the site and increases customer conversion rates.

Benefits of Comodo Site Seal

  • Convert more visitors into buyers
  • Build valuable trust with visitors
  • Differentiate your site from competitors
  • Eye catching design
  • Ever-present on a webpage

The ComodoTrustLogo Package can be purchased in the YetaWF Store.