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The NexmoProcessor Package is a YetaWF package that implements sending SMS (text messages) using Nexmo's service.

The NexmoProcessor Package offers Nexmo service configuration and event logging. Once installed in YetaWF and enabled, text messages can be sent using YetaWF's Core API YetaWF.Core.Support.SendSMS.SendSMS.SendMessage.

SendSMS sms = new SendSMS();
sms.SendMessage("941 555 1212", "This is a test message");

Text message delivery status is logged to the YetaWF log file, which can be reviewed using Admin > Logging (standard YetaWF site).

The NexmoProcessor Package requires a paid account with Nexmo to deliver text messages. A free trial is available with limited functionality.

The NexmoProcessor Package can be purchased in the YetaWF Store.