YetaWF Documentation


YetaWF Packages

YetaWF includes the following packages.

Package NameDescription
Softelvdm.IVR PackageAutomated voice attendant and voice mail system
Softelvdm.TwilioProcessor PackageSMS provider and base services for Twilio use
YetaWF.AddThis PackageAddThis Sharing Sidebar module
YetaWF.Backups PackageSite backup modules
YetaWF.Basics PackageBasic YetaWF support modules
YetaWF.Blog PackageBlog modules
YetaWF.BootstrapCarousel PackageBootstrap Carousel modules
YetaWF.Core PackageYetaWF Core Support
YetaWF.Caching PackageCaching and locking services
YetaWF.ComponentsHTML PackageHTML component rendering using jQuery, jQueryUI and Kendo UI
YetaWF.CurrencyConverter PackageCurrency conversion for site visitors
YetaWF.Dashboard PackageSite performance and debugging tools
YetaWF.DevTests PackageComponent testing modules
YetaWF.Feed PackageNews modules
YetaWF.Feedback PackageVisitor feedback modules
YetaWF.Identity PackageAuthentication and Roles/User management modules
YetaWF.IFrame PackageModules to include other pages using <iframe>
YetaWF.ImageRepository PackageImage repository for uploaded images (with IHttpHandler support)
YetaWF.KeepAlive PackageKeep website alive
YetaWF.Languages PackageLanguage management and localization
YetaWF.Lightbox PackageDisplay images and groups of images
YetaWF.Logging PackageLogging for YetaWF websites
YetaWF.Menus PackageMenu support and menu editing services
YetaWF.ModuleEdit PackageModule editing support and services
YetaWF.Modules PackageModule management
YetaWF.Packages PackagePackage management
YetaWF.PageEar PackagePage ear support (page peel, page corner) for site advertisement
YetaWF.PageEdit PackagePage editing support and services
YetaWF.Pages PackagePage management
YetaWF.Scheduler PackageTask scheduling support for YetaWF sites
YetaWF.Search PackageKeyword search management and scheduling
YetaWF.Security PackageSecurity related support (RSA)
YetaWF.SiteProperties PackageSite properties support
YetaWF.Sites PackageSite management
YetaWF.SyntaxHighlighter PackageSyntax Highlighter
YetaWF.TawkTo PackageChat support using
YetaWF.Text PackageText and Html editing support
YetaWF.TinyLanguage PackageLanguage selector (usually added to skin)
YetaWF.TinyLogin PackageSmall login module (usually added to skin)
YetaWF.UserProfile PackageUser profile support
YetaWF.UserSettings PackageUser settings support
YetaWF.Visitors PackageInformation about site visitors