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ActionIcons Component

ActionIcons (Display)

Displays a menu consisting of ModuleActions (YetaWF.Core.Menus.MenuList). A menu consists of zero, one or more ModuleActions. May be null, in which case nothing is rendered. ModuleActions are used throughout YetaWF and define a specific action a user can take, typically a link or button which directs to a URL.

Model Type: YetaWF.Core.Components.MenuList

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

GridActionsEnumGrid.GridActionsEnumGridActionsEnum.IconsDefines the appearance of the module actions.
[Caption("Actions"), Description("All available actions")]
[UIHint("ActionIcons"), ReadOnly]
public MenuList Commands {
    get {
        MenuList actions = new MenuList() { RenderMode = ModuleAction.RenderModeEnum.IconsOnly };
        actions.New(Module.GetAction_DownloadLink(FileName), ModuleAction.ActionLocationEnum.GridLinks);
        actions.New(Module.GetAction_RemoveLink(FileName), ModuleAction.ActionLocationEnum.GridLinks);
        return actions;