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IntValue4 Component

IntValue4 (Display)

Displays the specified value formatted as an integer value. Should be used for up to 4 digits. If the specified value is null, nothing is rendered.

Model Type: int?

[Caption("Average Char. Width"), Description("The average character width, calculated using the current skin")]
[UIHint("IntValue4"), ReadOnly]
public int Width { get; set; }

IntValue4 (Edit)

Allows entry of an integer value. Should be used for up to 4 digits.

Model Type: int?

The RangeAttribute can be used to define the lowest and highest allowable values.

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

Stepint1The increment/decrement used when clicking on the up/down arrows of the edit control.
PlainboolfalseDefines whether the number is shown using the defined locale.

Sibling Properties

model__PlaceHolderstringDefines the placeholder text shown when control contents are empty.
[Caption("Days"), Description("The number of days a backup is saved - once a backup has been saved for the specified number of days, it is deleted")]
[UIHint("IntValue4"), Range(1, 9999), Required]
public int Days { get; set; }