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YetaWF.Modules.Caching.DataProvider.FileSystemDataProviderStartup Class

An instance of this class is instantiated during application startup and registers low-level data providers providing file system I/O. All file I/O in YetaWF uses a low-level data provider for file and folder I/O. Operating system APIs should not be used by applications for file and folder I/O.

YetaWF offer a temporary and a permanent file system interface. Files stored in the temporary file system are lost when the application restarts. The permanent file system preserves files when the application restarts.

The temporary and permanent file systems support single- and multi-instance sites. All nodes in a multi-instance site must use the same physical file system, shared between sites, for the permanent file system. The temporary file system is unique to each node. It can be outside the YetaWF solution folder.

Applications do not access these low-level data providers directly. File system services provided by YetaWF.Core.IO.FileSystem, YetaWF.Core.IO.DataFilesProvider and YetaWF.Core.IO.FileIO<TObj> should be used instead.

Namespace: YetaWF.Modules.Caching.DataProvider
Assembly: YetaWF.Caching



public class FileSystemDataProviderStartup : YetaWF.Core.DataProvider.IExternalDataProvider,




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PublicInitializeApplicationStartupAsyncCalled when any node of a (single- or multi-instance) site is starting up.
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PublicRegisterCalled by the framework to register external data providers that expose the YetaWF.Core.DataProvider.IExternalDataProvider interface.
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