YetaWF.Core.ConsoleStartup Package Documentation


YetaWF.Core.ConsoleStartup.StartupConsole.Start Method

Called to initialize a console application so it can use all of YetaWF's services, including data providers, caching, etc.

Class: YetaWF.Core.ConsoleStartup.StartupConsole
Namespace: YetaWF.Core.ConsoleStartup
Assembly: YetaWF.Core.ConsoleStartup


public static void Start(
    string baseDirectory,
    string? siteDomain );



The base folder where the executable and all assemblies for the console application are located.


The domain name used to access data. This must be an existing domain with a YetaWF site and AppSettings.json must contain data provider information. May be null to load the default site.


The Start method makes all settings from AppSettings.json available.

A LanguageSettings.json file must be present defining all languages used by the specified site siteDomain (a copy of the LanguageSettings.json file used for the website).

The console application must have references to the YetaWF.Core, YetaWF.Caching and YetaWF.SiteProperties packages. Additional references must be added for services used by the console application.

Because all YetaWF services are available, all data providers and config settings can be accessed (and modified). Many data providers use site specific data. The data for the specified site siteDomain is used.

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