YetaWF.CssHttpHandler Package Documentation



The YetaWF.Core.CssHttpHandler assembly/package processes HTTP requests to serve all CSS files that are requested by URL. The HTTP handler is used in the IIS pipeline with ASP.NET 4 and as middleware with ASP.NET Core.

With ASP.NET Core, CSS files from the /VaultPrivate folder are also served, even though this folder is not part of the website. CSS files in the /VaultPrivate folder are mapped into the website using this CSS HTTP handler.

CSS files are cached by the HTTP CSS handler and the HTTP CSS handler adds ETag and Last-Modified headers for caching support and honors the If-None-Match header of incoming requests. The HTTP handler honors the settings Application.P.StaticFiles.Duration (AppSettings.json) which determines caching duration.

The HTTP CSS handler is implemented by the YetaWF.Core.HttpHandler.CssHttpHandler class.

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