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YetaWF.Skins.DefaultSkin.AreaRegistration Class

MVC area registration class.

An instance of this class is instantiated and initialized during application startup in order to define the MVC area used by this package. Each package defines its own MVC area. The name is derived from the YetaWF.PackageAttributes.PackageAttribute (for the domain portion) and the AssemblyProductAttribute (for the product name), defined in the package's AssemblyInfo.cs source file.

The area name is the concatenation of the domain, followed by an underscore and the product name (e.g., YetaWF_Text).

Applications can reference the current package using the static CurrentPackage property.

Applications do not instantiate this class.

Namespace: YetaWF.Skins.DefaultSkin
Assembly: YetaWF.DefaultSkin



public class AreaRegistration : YetaWF.Core.Controllers.AreaRegistrationBase;




PublicStaticCurrentPackageDefines the current package, used by applications that need access to the YetaWF.Core.Packages.Package instance.


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PublicInherited from YetaWF.Core.Controllers.AreaRegistrationBaseRegisterAreaUsed internally to register area routes. Don't mess with this.
PublicStaticInherited from YetaWF.Core.Controllers.AreaRegistrationBaseRegisterPackagesUsed by tools (i.e., non web apps) that need to explicitly register packages so they have access to functionality provided by packages, beyond the Core package.
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