YetaWF.StatusCheck Package Documentation


YetaWF.PublicTools.StatusCheck.Settings Class

An instance of this class contains the settings found in StatusCheck.json.

Namespace: YetaWF.PublicTools.StatusCheck
Assembly: StatusCheck



public class Settings;




PublicIntervalThe interval (in seconds) used to check all specified URLs.
PublicSiteDomainThe domain name used to access data. This must be an existing domain with a YetaWF site and Appsettings.json must contain data provider information.
PublicSMSNotifyA collection of phone numbers that receive SMS notifications when a site goes down (or comes back up).
PublicTimeoutThe timeout (in seconds) used when retrieving URLs. If there is no response after the specified number of seconds, the site is considered down.
PublicURLsA collection of URLs to check.


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