Upcoming Version

New features announced here can usually be seen on our demo sites (Windows, Linux) well before the official release, usually within a few days of the announcement here.

For current and past releases, please see News.

We're working on the next version (5.x or 6.0):

  • Support for ASP.NET Core 3.0. Our demo sites (Windows, Linux) are currently running with ASP.NET Core 3.0. This new version has resulted in a near 20% speed improvement for full page loads.
  • This upcoming version will be the last version to run with ASP.NET 4. Future versions will be ASP.NET Core only, but will still compile/run with ASP.NET 4 at your own risk.
  • Tree component now supports dynamically expanded branches (using AJAX).
  • Moved some remaining component-specific code out of Core (Grid, Tree).
  • New Startup implementations as packages (split out of Core) to support website startup, console startup, web api startup (web service), all with Docker support.
  • New DeploySite utility for site deployment, which replaces the CopySite utility. 
  • Changes to low-level data provider for the temporary file system. Can no longer be used to access files outside its root. Provides GetTempFile and GetTempFolder methods to create temporary files/folders which are erased during site restart.
  • Customizable package list during first time installation, allowing to create a minimal site with only required packages.
  • New "small object" static cache data provider, used for small objects, typically tree and grid definition files (GetStaticSmallObjectCacheProvider).
The next version will be released in December, 2019.

ASP.NET 4 support is being phased out, expected to be dropped end of 2019.

Long Term Changes

  • YetaWF already offers replacable packages so customized features (including core services) can be implemented. We're moving towards an even more plug-and-play type pattern (like the new website startup, console startup, web api startup (web service) packages).
  • Removal of jQuery is a long term goal. All components and modules now use TypeScript without jQuery (however Kendo UI is jQuery based).
  • Remove use of bower - This continues to be used only by Telerik's Kendo UI.
  • Page load time/performance is always of high priority.