Upcoming Version

New features announced here can usually be seen on our Demo Site well before the official release, usually within a few days of the announcement here. For current and past releases, please see News.

We're working on the next version:

  • New Grid template replacing jqGrid with our own implementation.
    • No jQuery, uses TypeScript and YetaWF Core instead.
    • Initial page (with grid) is completely server rendered - No more initial round-trip to populate the grid.
    • Better expandability as it can fully use YetaWF features server-side and client-side.
    • When reloading a page, the entire grid status (filtering, page #, column widths, etc.) is restored.
    • Easier localization as it now uses YetaWF localization.
    • Smaller (jqGrid ~350KB, new grid ~20KB, this is mostly the result of server-side rendering).
    • Same functionality as before (at least the subset of jqGrid features we used).
    • Interestingly enough, overall page load time (average of all pages) has dropped another 10%. It's not quite clear how this new grid code caused that, but the suspicion is that this rewrite fixed some serious flaw in our original grid rendering code which went undetected. Since 3.0.0 average page load time decreased by ~20% with the removal of Display/Editor Templates and addition of this new grid.
  • Upgraded to ASP.NET Core 2.1

The next version will be released in December, 2018. We're moving away from our previously monthly cycle to allow for beefier features and an extended test cycle.

Long Term Changes

  • A transition from JavaScript to TypeScript (with some JSX) is underway. Individual templates are transitioning to TypeScript without jQuery as a long term goal. All new templates use TypeScript without jQuery going forward. As rendering is now modularized in packages, replacing the rendering package does not affect templates in other packages.
  • Remove use of bower - This continues to be used only by Telerik's Kendo UI.
  • Page load time/performance is always of high priority.
  • Decrease code complexity (there is some really old and really bad code, particularly the seriously dated JavaScript bits and pieces for what used to be Display/Editor Templates).