Upcoming Version

New features announced here can usually be seen on our demo sites (Windows, Linux) well before the official release, usually within a few days of the announcement here.

For current and past releases, please see News.

We're working on the next version (5.0):

This is a massive new release with focus on Linux, Docker, etc.
  • Full on ASP.NET Core: YetaWF can now be built and run on other platforms supported by ASP.NET Core and is no longer limited to Windows.
    • Visit the YetaWF Demo site running on Ubuntu 18.04.2 in a container alongside SQL Server, Redis, Nginx, etc.
    • Documentation to install on Linux has been added.
    • YetaWF can run on the host or in a container (Docker).
    • All YetaWF features are available on all ASP.NET Core supported platforms.
  • Pub/Sub provider for easy publish/subscribe messaging. Currently only a Redis provider is implemented.
  • New Audit Settings (Admin) to define how long to keep audit info.
    • Scheduler task for cleanup.
  • "Database First" support added to allow pre-created indexes, foreign keys, etc. which are not part of YetaWF's automatic schema to persist, even when installing/updating models.
    • New Data_Unique attribute to identify columns with unique values.
    • New Data_ColumnName attribute to rename columns in the data provider repository. Only supported for SQL data providers, ignored by others.
  • When using new user verification via email, the Login module now has a Resend Verification Email button.
  • Site Settings now offers a PostLoginUrl property defining a URL where users are redirected after logging on.
    • Individual roles now have a PostLoginUrl property which defines a URL where users with that role are redirected after logging on. (Admin > Configuration Panel > Identity Settings, Roles tab).
  • The UserSettings package now includes a user settings module with just minimal settings (date/time format and timezone).
  • Streamlined phone number validation, based on the country defined in site settings, for national and International phone numbers.
  • Property list styles.
  • Bug Fix: ALTER COLUMN, mixing DBOs.
  • Bug Fix (ASP.NET Core): Logging providers (other than YetaWF's) could not be configured because the AppSettings.json file wasn't loaded.
A lot of work outside of the open source portion is also in progress, so the next version will be released in August/September, 2019. 

ASP.NET 4 support is being phased out, expected to be dropped end of 2019.

Long Term Changes

  • Removal of jQuery is a long term goal. All components and modules now use TypeScript without jQuery (however Kendo UI is jQuery based).
  • Remove use of bower - This continues to be used only by Telerik's Kendo UI.
  • Page load time/performance is always of high priority.