Upcoming Version

New features announced here can usually be seen on our demo sites (Windows, Linux) well before the official release, usually within a few days of the announcement here.

For current and past releases, please see News.

We're working on the next version (5.2):

  • Full support for PostgreSQL for all storage (modules, pages, data, etc.) as a complete replacement for SQL. A choice of SQL, PostgreSQL and File data providers is available.
  • Rewritten SQL data provider, now uses (generated) stored procedures and user-defined types, resulting in a slight performance improvement compared to dynamically generated SQL. Does not affect existing data.
  • New "toast" popup messages instead of the more rigid popups which must be dismissed. Site definable using Admin > Settings > Site Settings, Skin tab, Message Style field.
  • New test pages for Markdown, Tabs and PropertyList components.
  • Built-in LetsEncrypt support for standalone apps.
  • Scheduler improvements, better restart time calculation, set next runtime for events.
  • AppSettings.json settings can be overridden by environment variables (mainly intended for use with Docker).
  • [Debug] prefix for AppSettings.json settings.
  • Dynamically injectable middleware for website startup.
  • Revisited all external login providers and two-step authentication (as they were aging).
  • During web startup, a random superuser password is generated and shown in the log for emergency login.
  • Bug fix in grid filters where MultiString types were used.
5.1 was the last version to support ASP.NET. 

The next version will be released in June, 2020. The addition of PostgreSQL support and a rewitten SQL data provider require additional testing.

Long Term Changes

  • YetaWF already offers replacable packages so customized features (including core services) can be implemented. We're moving towards an even more plug-and-play type pattern (like the new website startup, console startup, web api startup (web service) packages).
  • Removal of jQuery is a long term goal. All components and modules now use TypeScript without jQuery (however Kendo UI is jQuery based).
  • Remove use of bower - This continues to be used only by Telerik's Kendo UI.
  • Page load time/performance is always of high priority. YetaWF sites consistently achieve PageSpeed Insights rankings above 90, often near or at 100, both Mobile and Desktop.