Really? Yet Another Web Framework/CMS?

YetaWF (pronounced "Yet Another Web Framework") is a new open source product, developed by Mike van der Meulen (Softel vdm, Inc.). It was used to develop and host the company's own site, the LinksWithPics service, the WEO Report service (now discontinued), this site and various other sites.

It builds on ASP.NET Core MVC to create a web framework/CMS for developers. While it has many attributes commonly found in today's CMS like DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Drupal, etc., it instead focuses on rapid application development. Tightly integrating with Visual Studio 2015/2017, it lends itself to rapid module development, offering built-in BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete) module generation, taking advantage of ASP.NET, Data Annotation, Templated Helpers, UIHint and many other innovative features made possible by ASP.NET. Rather than being all things to all people, it narrowly focuses on offering 100% of the features that will satisfy most average websites and offers a platform for rapid custom development.

It has been in development since 2010, upgraded from MVC 3 to 4, 5 and now supports ASP.NET Core MVC. It has been used since then to host numerous sites. It's definitely not a beta version, but may need some extra documentation, which is in the works. With the move to ASP.NET Core all of YetaWF's features are available and other than a lot of framework code that had to be changed, all modules were ported with minimal source code changes, resulting in an immediately mature product.

YetaWF makes extensive use of jQuery, jQuery-UI, Ajax and many client-side plugins (like grids, menus, syntax highlighter, lightbox, CKEditor, tabs, overlays and many more). It combines these with automatic features like JavaScript and CSS minifier and bundling, http response compression (take a look at the source for this page) without burdening the developer with administrative tasks. No build pipeline to set up or maintain.

YetaWF offers easy to design Single Page Sites, Static Pages and of course traditional multi-page sites, all easily created with modules that are added to pages. YetaWF also takes a new approach to localization by being designed from the ground up with localization in mind (again, without burdening the developer with administrative tasks). Pages, modules, down to SQL tables or file data are fully localizable. Adding/removing languages is possible at any time, not just at design-time. Even upgrading is super simple. We have a special upgrade utility that will upgrade your site, even if you skipped a few versions.

For the site administrator, it offers site management, automated backups, easy version upgrades, scheduled tasks and of course complete control over authentication and user/role authorizations. And you can even use it on your phone/tablet without downloading any apps, with full access to all administrator features.

Try our Demo Site which lets you log into YetaWF as a Superuser so you can see all the Administrator features (you can't make any changes to the site).

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Some of the major features are:

  • Single Page Sites (based on AJAX)
  • Static Pages
  • More than 35 pre-built packages (see YetaWF Packages)
  • Complete site and page administration
  • Authorization management (role and user based)
  • Javascript and Css minification & bundling
  • Menu design (including MegaMenu support)
  • Scheduling support
  • Logging support
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YetaWF Logo

Demo Site

Visit our Demo Site where you are logged in as Superuser so you can see all the features.

YetaWF Features

Developer Features

Some of the built-in features for module/skin development include:

  • Visual Studio templates for modules and skins
  • Popup windows for pages and modules
  • Javascript and Css management for third-party add-ons
  • Multiple language support
  • Email sending support (formatted and unformatted)
  • UIHint templates
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What is YetaWF?

YetaWF is an ASP.NET Core MVC based web framework/CMS for developers.

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Using YetaWF

Find out how to easy it is to use YetaWF in our Getting Started topic.

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Installing YetaWF

YetaWF takes just a few minutes to install with our installation tool.

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Upgrading Your YetaWF Installation

YetaWF is designed to be easy to upgrade, even if you skipped releases.

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Latest News

YetaWF 2.6.1 Released on August 15, 2017

  • Support for ASP.NET Core 2.0 (Release).

YetaWF 2.6.0 Released on August 13, 2017

  • New CurrencyISO4217 template supporting Currency selection and display. ISO 4217 currency codes are typically used by credit card payment processors/gateways.
  • New ExtraHead, ExtraBodyTop and ExtraBodyBottom site and page properties to define HTML to be added to <HEAD> and <BODY> tags. This is used to add 3rd party support, such as Google Tag Manager.
  • Build pipeline (gulp, ts, tslint, sass, minify,...) replacing the somewhat archaic MSBUILD parts.
  • TypeScript 2.4 support, with ES2015 code generation - Supports mixing JavaScript and TypeScript. JavaScript/TypeScript is used for individual (YetaWF) modules/templates. These do not import/require() external libraries or modules, so YetaWF avoids committing to a module loader (it's built in).
  • JSX support (without React, as it is not used by YetaWF) to simplify HTML/DOM manipulation.
  • Use of npm to manage all JavaScript packages, replacing Nuget.
  • Dropped MakeSite (used to install a new site) - While it was really easy to set up a new site, it would have required a major overhaul to support installing all the new parts, like nodejs, bower, etc. Because testing and supporting multiple install paths was quite time-consuming, we decided to use installs from the Git repository only (which also lines up with our internal requirements). We will bring MakeSite back down the road again, for binary installs only (i.e., installs without source code) for non-developers who just want to set up a new YetaWF site.
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