YetaWF.DataProvider.ModuleDefinition Package Documentation



The YetaWF.DataProvider.ModuleDefinition assembly/package implements the module repository where all module data is stored. The package supports file I/O and SQL tables for module data and is a module data provider.

It is used not directly used by applications. It installs the required repository support during application startup by setting properties in the static class YetaWF.Core.IO.Module.

This template class ModuleDefinitionDataProvider<KEY,TYPE> implements the base class for all module data providers in YetaWF with support for retrieval and storage for modules. Every module type implements its own module data provider using this template class.

When using a SQL database, all modules use the same database and base table named YetaWF_Modules. In addition, for each derived type an additional table is created. The table name is derived from the module type. For example, a module of type YetaWF.Text.TextModule uses the table YetaWF_Modules_YetaWF_Text_TextModule for all its data (except for the base data defined by its base class YetaWF.Core.Modules.ModuleDefinition, which is stored in the base table YetaWF_Modules).

When using file I/O for module storage, all module data is stored in folder .\Data\DataFolder\YetaWF_Modules\..siteidentity.. Base and derived data is stored in the same file.

See Also YetaWF.Core