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YetaWF Components

YetaWF makes extensive use of components, which replace the typical MVC display and editor templates (MVC display and editor templates are not used).

Components are mostly used in UIHint() definitions for properties, but can also be used with ForDisplayAsync() or ForEditAsync() methods (see YetaWF.Core.Components.YetaWFComponentExtender).

While YetaWF internally makes use of some components that are not documented here, these components are not published and are for internal use only and may change or be removed.

Packages can implement their own components (see Creating Your Own Components) and use all of the predefined components.


Most components, except trivial components, may need to be styled using CSS. All components follow the same CSS class naming standard. The prefix letter "y" is reserved for YetaWF internal CSS classes, the prefix "yt_" is reserved for component CSS classes. See CSS Classes for more information.


For example, the DateTime component uses the CSS class .yt_datetime, which is the prefix "yt_" followed by the component name in all lowercase.

Custom components in packages should follow the same class naming standard. For example the component MyComponent in package MyCompany.MyProduct should use the CSS class yt_mycompany_myproduct_mycomponent.

The general CSS class name is as follows: