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YetaWF.Text Package


This package offers modules allowing HTML and Markdown content to be added and edited on a page. Multiple Text and Markdown Modules can be used on a page, in any pane and also as a skin module, added to a site's skin.

Using The Text (Full Editor, HTML) Module

By default the Text module contents are displayed. Authorized users can also edit the contents. For editing purposes CKEditor is used to provide editing services. Text can be formatted using CKEditor's tools, which are internally saved as HTML. The HTML source code can also be edited directly by users.

Variable substitution can be used in Text Modules by using {{ }} to delimit variables. These will not be substituted in edit mode when {{ }} is used. { }, [ ] and [[ ]] are substituted in any mode (meaning they are also substituted in edit mode).

Module contents can be published as Rss feed (see Module Settings).

For detailed information about CKEditor usage please see http://ckeditor.com/.

Using The Text (Markdown) Module

The Markdown module allows entry of Markdown formatted text and offers a preview of the data entered.

Information about Markdown can be found at https://www.markdownguide.org/cheat-sheet/.


Module NameDescription
Text (Full Editor, HTML) ModuleDisplays user editable text contents (full wysiwyg editor, using CKEditor). A sample page is accessible using Tests > Modules > Text (standard YetaWF site).
Text (Markdown) ModuleDisplays user editable text contents (using Markdown). A sample page is accessible using Tests > Modules > Markdown (standard YetaWF site).


The YetaWF.Text package is part of YetaWF, an open source product licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) - Copyright - Softel vdm, Inc.