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Url Component

Url (Display)

Displays the model as a URL with a link to visit the URL in a new window. If the model is null or empty, nothing is rendered.

Model Type: string

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

CssClassstringnullDefines an optional CSS class added to the URL link.

Sibling Properties

model__UrlstringIf this property is specified, the model is used as the link text and this property is used as the actual URL.
[Caption("URL"), Description("The requested URL")]
[UIHint("Url"), ReadOnly]
public string RequestedUrl { get; set; }

[UIHint("Url"), ReadOnly]
public string Description { get; set; }
public string Description_Url { get; set; }

Url (Edit)

Allows selection of a designed page URL or entering a local or remote URL.

Model Type: string

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

UrlTypeYetaWF.Core.Models.Attributes.UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnumUrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum.RemoteDefines the type of URL that can be entered. UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum is used as a flag so multiple types can be entered.
[Category("Urls"), Caption("Redirect To Page"), Description("If this page is accessed, it is redirected to the Url defined here - Redirection is not active in Site Edit Mode")]
[UIHint("Url"), AdditionalMetadata("UrlType", UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum.Local | UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum.Remote), UrlValidation(UrlValidationAttribute.SchemaEnum.Any, UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum.Local | UrlHelperEx.UrlTypeEnum.Remote)]
[StringLength(Globals.MaxUrl), Trim]
public string RedirectToPageUrl { get; set; }