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DeploySite Utility


This tool can be used to deploy a YetaWF site to a server or just a local folder for deployment using other tools. The DeploySite utility is necessary because Visual Studio Publish and dotnet publish are insufficient to deploy a YetaWF site. YetaWF uses symlinks heavily which can't be deployed by other tools.

Before Using DeploySite

DeploySite is a command line tool. In order to use it, the application must first be built as the YetaWF repositories do not include executables.

Navigate to the YetaWF repository folder ./PublicTools/DeploySite and run the following:



This creates the following executable (for Windows):




This creates the following executable (for Linux):



DeploySite is used from the command line:

Softelvdm.DeploySite {Backup|Restore} yamlfile [{Blue|Green}]
BackupDefines that the site is backed up (from the current development system) using the definitions found in yamlfile, so it can later be deployed.
RestoreDefines that the site is restored, i.e. deployed on the current system using the definitions found in yamlfile.
yamlfileDefines a yaml file that contains all the definitions to deploy a site (see DeploySite yaml File).
Blue,GreenOptional. Defines whether a Blue or Green site is deployed using Blue/Green deployment (see Deploying to a Server (FTP, Blue/Green)).

Using DeploySite

DeploySite is used in these most common deployment cases:

Deploying to a Folder
Deploying to a ZIP file
Deploying to a Server (FTP)
Deploying to a Server (FTP, Blue/Green)
Deploying to a Server (FTP, Automatic Blue/Green)
Deploying a Docker Container