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LanguageId Component

LanguageId (Edit)

Allows selection of an available language using a dropdown list. The model represents the language ID.

Model Type: string

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

NoDefaultboolfalseDefines whether a "(Site Default)" entry is automatically added as the first entry, with a value of null
AllLanguagesboolfalseDefines whether all system-defined languages are displayed or whether the languages defined for this YetaWF instance are shown. For details see National Language Support.
[Caption("Id"), Description("The language id - this is the same as the culture name used throughout .NET")]
[UIHint("LanguageId"), StringLength(LanguageData.MaxId), AdditionalMetadata("NoDefault", true), AdditionalMetadata("AllLanguages", true), Required, Trim]
public string Id { get; set; }