YetaWF Documentation


TimeZone Component

TimeZone (Display)

Displays the model (a time zone ID) rendered using time zone information.

Model Type: string

[Caption("Time Zone"), Description("The time zone in which the domain is located ")]
[UIHint("TimeZone"), ReadOnly]
public string ScanTimeZone { get; set; }

TimeZone (Edit)

Allows selection of a time zone.

Model Type: string

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

ShowDefaultbooltrueDefines whether the server's time zone is added to the dropdown list as the default, if the model is null. Otherwise, the server's time zone is not added.
[Caption("Time Zone"), Description("Your time zone - all dates/times within this web site will be adjusted for the specified time zone")]
[UIHint("TimeZone"), StringLength(UserData.MaxTimeZone), Required]
public string TimeZone { get; set; }