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YetaWF.Languages Package


This package implements language management and localization services.

The LanguageSettings.json file in the website's Data folder contains a site's defined and available languages. The default language must be defined as en-US.

The Languages Module is used to display all languages supported by a YetaWF instance.


  "LanguageSection": {
    "Languages": [
        "Id": "en-US",
        "ShortName": "English",
        "Description": "US English"
        "Id": "de-De",
        "ShortName": "Deutsch",
        "Description": "German"

The default site language is defined in the YetaWF instance's AppSettings.json file.

    "P": {
      . . .
      "Default": {
        . . .
        "LanguageId": "en-US",
        . . .

When adding/removing languages (NEVER remove en-US) in the file LanguageSettings.json, the site must be upgraded so all data models are updated with the new language. New languages will inherit the default en-US text. Languages that are removed will be removed from any affected database tables. See Upgrading In Development for more information.


Module NameDescription
Display Language ModuleUsed to display information about a language. This is used by the Languages Module.
Edit Localization Resource ModuleUsed to edit an existing localization resource. This is used by the Languages Module.
Languages ModuleDisplays available languages. It is accessible using Admin > Panel > Languages (standard YetaWF site).
Localization Resources ModuleDisplays and manages localization resources for a package. It is used by the YetaWF.Packages package to offer access to localization services. This module allows access to all localizable resource of a package, such as strings used in views and in code. See National Language Support for information about localization.
Localization Settings ModuleUsed to edit site and system wide localization settings. It is accessible using Admin > Settings > Localization Settings (standard YetaWF site).


The YetaWF.Languages package is part of YetaWF, an open source product licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) - Copyright - Softel vdm, Inc.