YetaWF Documentation


IntValue Component

IntValue (Display)

Displays the specified value formatted as an integer value. There is no width limitation. If the specified value is null, nothing is rendered.

Model Type: int?

[Caption("Average Char. Width"), Description("The average character width, calculated using the current skin")]
[UIHint("IntValue"), ReadOnly]
public int Width { get; set; }

IntValue (Edit)

Allows entry of an integer value. There is no width limitation.

Model Type: int?

The RangeAttribute can be used to define the lowest and highest allowable values.

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

Stepint1The increment/decrement used when clicking on the up/down arrows of the edit control.
PlainboolfalseDefines whether the number is shown using the defined locale.

Sibling Properties

model__PlaceHolderstringDefines the placeholder text shown when control contents are empty.
[Caption("Days"), Description("The number of days a backup is saved - once a backup has been saved for the specified number of days, it is deleted")]
[UIHint("IntValue"), Range(1, 99999999), Required]
public int Days { get; set; }