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YetaWF.Backups Package


This package implements site backups. Site backups contain all data for all web sites hosted by one instance of YetaWF and all modules, binaries, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Site backups can be created and managed using Admin > Panel > Backups. The Packages Module can be used to backup individual packages instead.

By default, YetaWF creates daily backups automatically. This can be changed using the YetaWF.Scheduler Package. NOTE: The scheduler is normally disabled on development systems.

A site backup is a single zip file containing a collection of zip files with package binaries and package data. On development systems where package source code is available, a site backup will also contain zip files with complete packages including source code. Only data owned by individual packages is backed up. This means that other site files/folder such as ./SiteFiles, ./Vault, ./AddonsCustom, etc. are not backed up.

A site backup can be opened to extract individual backups for individual packages. These can then be restored using the Packages Module.

Individual zip files can be used to import packages and package data on this instance of YetaWF or other instances. The YetaWF.Packages package is used to import packages and package data.

The Scheduler Module, see Admin > Panel > Scheduler (standard YetaWF site), can be used to define how often backups are created. The Scheduler Item "Create Daily Site Backup" is used to create backups at regular intervals as defined by the backup settings (Admin > Settings > Backup Settings, standard YetaWF site). The Scheduler Item "Remove Old Site Backup" is used to remove old backups as defined by the backup settings (Admin > Settings > Backup Settings, standard YetaWF site).

The Backups package is intended for small sites only. If large amounts of data are stored, most likely using SQL Server, it is best to use SQL Server or PostgreSQL Server backup features instead. SQLBackupFree is an excellent, free Windows tool available from https://sqlbackupfree.com/ or the cross-platform tool https://ubackup.io.


Module NameDescription
Backup Settings ModuleEdits a site's backup settings.
Backups ModuleManages site backups.


The YetaWF.Backups package is part of YetaWF, an open source product licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) - Copyright - Softel vdm, Inc.