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YetaWF.TinyLanguage Package


This package implements the TinyLanguage Module, which is usually added to a skin to allow the user to select the default language used through the site. This should only be added to a site, if the site supports multiple languages.

YetaWF was designed for multiple language support from the ground up, including localization of all user-viewable forms, messages, etc.

Language support is configured using the site's AppSettings.json file. For detailed information about YetaWF's language support please see National Language Support.


Module NameDescription
Tiny Language Selection ModuleAllows user selection of the site's default language. This module is typically added to every page (as a skin module) so the user can switch the site's default language.


The YetaWF.TinyLanguage package is part of YetaWF, an open source product licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) - Copyright - Softel vdm, Inc.