YetaWF Documentation


PageSelection Component

PageSelection (Display)

Displays the page name based on the model's page Guid.

Model Type: System.Guid?

[Caption("Master Page"), Description("Defines the master page for the Unified Page Set that defines the skin, referenced modules, authorization and all other page attributes")]
[UIHint("PageSelection"), ReadOnly]
public Guid MasterPageGuid { get; set; }

PageSelection (Edit)

Allows selection of a designed page using a dropdown list. The model contains the page Guid.

Model Type: System.Guid?

When a page is selected, a link is shown to open the selected page in a new window.

[Category("Skin"), Caption("Template"), Description("The local designed page used as a template for this page - All modules from the template are copied and rendered on this page in their defined pane - Modules in panes that are not available are not shown - Any page can be used as a template")]
[UIHint("PageSelection"), Trim]
public Guid? TemplateGuid { get; set; }