YetaWF Documentation


ModuleSelection Component

ModuleSelection (Display)

Displays module information based on the model. The model defines the module Guid for which information is displayed.

Model Type: System.Guid?

[Caption("Selected Module"), Description("The current module")]
[UIHint("ModuleSelection"), ReadOnly]
public Guid Module { get; set; }

ModuleSelection (Edit)

Allows selection of a new or existing module using a dropdown list. The model defines the new or existing module Guid. An entry "(select)" with value Guid.Empty is always inserted as the first item in the dropdown list.

Model Type: System.Guid?

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

NewboolfalseDefines whether selection of new modules (to be created) is possible in which case all available modules are shown in the dropdown list. Otherwise only existing, designed modules are listed.
EditSettingsboolfalseDefines whether a link to edit module settings is available
[Caption("New Module"), Description("The new module to be added")]
[UIHint("ModuleSelection"), AdditionalMetadata("New", true), Required]
public Guid SelectedModule { get; set; }