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Module Addons

Products Used by YetaWF Modules/Packages

The following table lists all third-party products that are included and used in YetaWF modules and packages, meaning they're only used by modules and are not generally accessible.

NameDescriptionUsed ByLicense
FluentFTPFluentFTP is a fully managed FTP and FTPS library for .NET & .NET Standard, optimized for speed.DeploySite UtilityMIT
Google TranslateGoogle Translate.YetaWF.LanguagesApache License 2.0
highlight.jsSyntax highlighting for the Web.YetaWF.SyntaxHighlighterBSD 3-Clause
libphonenumber-csharpC# port of Google's libphonenumber library.Softelvdm.TwilioProcessorApache License 2.0
NLogFlexible & free open-source logging for .NET.YetaWF.LoggingDataProviderBSD 3-Clause
NpgsqlNpgsql is a .NET data provider for PostgreSQL. It allows you to connect and interact with PostgreSQL server using .NET.YetaWF.DataProvider.PostgreSQLPostgreSQL License
StackExchange.RedisGeneral purpose redis client.YetaWF.CachingMIT
YamlDotNetYamlDotNet is a .NET library for YAML. YamlDotNet provides low level parsing and emitting of YAML as well as a high level object model similar to XmlDocument.DeploySite UtilityYamlDotNet License