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EnumSupported Component

EnumSupported (Display)

Displays the model formatted using the descriptive text found in the EnumDescription attribute (if present). The model is an enumeration (enum).

Model Type: object

EnumSupported (Edit)

Allows selection of an enum value using a dropdown list which is created based on the enum type and the EnumDescription attributes (if present). The presented list of enum values only includes values that are listed in the Supported sibling property.

Model Type: object

Enum values are only shown if the user's User Settings (see User > Settings, standard YetaWF site) has the ShowEnumValue property set to true.

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

NoDefaultboolfalseDefines whether a "(select)" entry is automatically added as the first entry, with a value of null

Sibling Properties

model__SupportedList<object>Lists supported enum values. Enum values that are not in this list are suppressed.