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HelpInfo Component

HelpInfo (Display)

Displays the help file identified by the model. The model contains a file name (without path or extension).

Model Type: YetaWF.Core.Components.HelpInfoDefinition

Help files are located in the specified package's folder ./Addons/_Main/Help and have the extension .html. If the model is null or the help file doesn't exist, nothing is rendered.

The help information uses language-specific files based on the user's defined language. The custom folders are searched first. Help files are cached if the are smaller than 1K of data.

The search path is as follows (in this example, the user's defined language is DE-de): ./AddonsCustom/..sitename../..Package.Domain../..Package.Product../_Main/Help/DE-de/..filename...html ./AddonsCustom/..sitename../..Package.Domain../..Package.Product../_Main/Help/..filename...html ..package../Addons/_Main/Help/DE-de/..filename...html ..package../Addons/_Main/Help/..filename...html

[Caption(""), Description("")]
[UIHint("HelpInfo"), ReadOnly]
public HelpInfoDefinition HelpInformation { get { return new HelpInfoDefinition { Package = AreaRegistration.CurrentPackage, Name = typeof(AddBacklinkingDocumentModuleController).FullName }; } }