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TimeSpan Component

TimeSpan (Display)

Displays the model rendered as a timespan showing days, hours, minutes and seconds. If the timespan extends less than one day, the number of days is not shown. If the model is null, nothing is rendered.

Model Type: System.TimeSpan?

[Caption("RunTime"), Description("The duration of the last run of this scheduler item (hh:mm:ss)")]
[UIHint("TimeSpan"), ReadOnly]
public TimeSpan RunTime { get; set; }

TimeSpan (Edit)

Allows entry of a timespan using days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Model Type: System.TimeSpan?

[Caption("Expiration"), Description("The time a cookie will remain valid from the point it is created")]
[UIHint("TimeSpan"), Required]
public TimeSpan ExpireTimeSpan { get; set; }