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FileUpload1 Component

FileUpload1 (Edit)

Allows uploading a file. The model defines various attributes for the FileUpload1 component. SaveURL and RemoveURL define the actions taken to save and remove an uploaded file.

Model Type: YetaWF.Core.Components.FileUpload1

The uploaded file is a temporary file, which will be removed automatically within a specified time frame, defined by the YetaWF.ImageRepository package.

The uploaded file is processed by the controller defined by SaveURL(YetaWF.Core.Views.Shared.FileUpload1).

[Caption("ZIP File"), Description("The ZIP file containing the module to be imported (creates a new module) ")]
[UIHint("FileUpload1"), Required]
public FileUpload1 UploadFile { get; set; }

UploadFile = new FileUpload1 {
    SelectButtonText = this.__ResStr("btnImport", "Import Module Data..."),
    SaveURL = YetaWFManager.UrlFor(typeof(PageControlModuleController), nameof(PageControlModuleController.ImportPackage), new { __ModuleGuid = mod.ModuleGuid }),
    RemoveURL = YetaWFManager.UrlFor(typeof(PageControlModuleController), nameof(PageControlModuleController.RemovePackage), new { __ModuleGuid = mod.ModuleGuid }),
    SerializeForm = true,