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Markdown Component

Markdown (Display)

Displays the HTML contents of the model. If the model is null, nothing is rendered.

Model Type: YetaWF.Modules.ComponentsHTML.Components.MarkdownStringBase

AdditionalMetadata Attributes

EmHeightint10Defines the height of the markdown component in lines of text.
[Caption("Contents"), Description("Shows the contents")]
[UIHint("Markdown"), ReadOnly]
public MarkdownStringBase Contents { get; set; }

Markdown (Edit)

Allows entry of markdown text with preview. The model defines various attributes of the component.

Model Type: YetaWF.Modules.ComponentsHTML.Components.MarkdownStringBase

See https://www.markdownguide.org/cheat-sheet/ for information about markdown formatting.

[Category("General"), Caption("Contents"), Description("The text contents")]
[UIHint("Markdown"), AdditionalMetadata("EmHeight", 10)]
public MarkdownString Contents { get; set; }

public class MarkdownString : MarkdownStringBase {
    [StringLength(0), AdditionalMetadata("EmHeight", 10)]
    public override string Text { get { return base.Text; } set { base.Text = value; } }
    public override string HTML { get { return base.HTML; } set { base.HTML = value; } }